Linux Compatible Software For All Your Needs!

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Linux Compatible Software For All Your Needs!  
Although Linux offers a huge plethora of software, users often get confused when it comes to choosing the right one. So here we bring to you a list of Linux software for your complete computing needs (almost)!     
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Monday, August 26, 2013:  Searching for a Linux software? Well here your search ends, we present to you a complete list of Linux compatible software for anything and everything! Have fun reading: 

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Anti-virus Software:

Avast!: A Linux software offering of the popular Avast antivirus scanner.

Clam AntiVirus: The original open source virus scanner.

AVG: A version of AVG’s Virus Scanner for Linux.

Archive Manager:

Ark: A feature-rich archive manager for KDE.

File Roller: The default archive manager in GNOME.

Tar: Provides the ability to create tar archives, as well as various other kinds of manipulation.


OggConvert: converts most formats of the media files into the open source OGG format.

Audacity: A powerful cross platform audio recorder and editor.

Banshee: A great music manager similar to iTunes.

Mixxx: Fantastic audio mixing Linux software that is ideal for DJ environments.

Backup Applications:

CrashPlan: An excellent, sophisticated backup program.

Rsync: A configurable console-based synchronization program that is commonly used in backup situations. 

Fwbackups: A flexible backup program which can backup to another computer. 


Google Chrome/Chromium: A great browser from Google based on open source projects.

Firefox: The world’s most popular open source web browser.

reKonq: A refreshed default KDE browser which sports an uncluttered interface.

Opera: The “fastest and most advanced” browser available today.


Kopete: Great IM Linux software for KDE.

Emesene: Linux Chat software which connects the user to different networks like MSN, Gtalk, Facebook chat, Jabber and others.

Pidgin: The most popular open source cross-platform IM program.

Skype: If the most popular VoIP desktop client is on Linux we can’t afford to miss this!

Desktop Environment:

GNOME: The most widely used GTK desktop environment.

KDE: A beautifully flashy desktop environment based on Qt.

Enlightenment: A desktop environment that is lightweight yet aesthetically good-looking.

Xfce: A lightweight but highly capable GTK desktop environment that still makes use of panels by default.

Razor-qt: A lightweight desktop environment based on Qt, the same technology which KDE uses.

Download Managers:

Miro: Helps downloading torrents and online videos.

Wget: A Non-interactive commandline tool which helps retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols.

Uget: A Free and open source download manager.

Transmission: Torrent download software for Linux.

DVD/CD Tools:

K3b: The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux.

Gmount ISO: A simple program to mount ISO files to folders.

Brasero: A utility to burn CDs.

Editor Tools:

Vim: An extremely customizable and complex editor for the terminal with tonns of features.

Gedit: A powerful editor out-of-the-box, and a favorite among many GNOME users.

Leafpad: A simple GTK+ text editor that emphasizes simplicity.

Bluefish: Editor for programmers with focus on dynamic and interactive websites.

Email Clients:

Thunderbird: Most popular cross-platform open source email client.

Claws Mail: A user-friendly, lightweight, and fast email client.

Evolution: A great email and calendar program for GNOME.

Firewall Applications:

Mondo Rescue: A capable disk recovery toolkit.

Firestarter: A good quality firewall with graphical interface


Libre Office: An enhanced office suite based off of OpenOffice.

Abiword: A lightweight word processor, usually replaces full office suites.

OpenOffice: The original open source office suite.

Read more Office alternatives at:


Inkscape: A SVG file editor.

GIMP: The most popular open source image editor.

Darktable: A sophisticated program that works with digital negatives and RAW pictures.

F-Spot: A photo manager with neat simple features.

Productivity Tools:

Tomboy: An amazing note-taking Linux application.

Hamster Time Tracker: Tracks the total time you spend on a project.

Shutter: An advanced and brilliant screenshot tool.

Dropbox: One of the best Linux file synchronization tools.

Gnome Tweak Tool: Helps in easy configuration of advanced settings while using Gnome Shell.

Wunderlist: A Linux software for clean and crisp to-do list which syncs on their own servers.

System Maintenance:

Ubuntu-Tweak: A great control panel to manage many features in Ubuntu.

System Monitor: Simple and interesting Linux software to view systems stats.


VLC Media Player: A media player that can handle virtually everything.

Openshot: An innovative video editor with 3D effects.

Pitivi: A simple and easy-to-use video editor for GNOME.

Blender: Highly advanced 3D content creation software that has created numerous open source video games and movies. 

Atithya Amaresh, EFYTIMES News Network